There are two types of membership to the Association; regular and honorary

a) Regular membership:

Turkish citizens with a capacity to act who have not been legally banned from membership to professional societies and who have completed or continuing a residency training in pulmonology, thoracic surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology and other specialties involved in lung cancer management may become regular members to our Association.
Only regular members may be elected to various offices in the Association. All regular members are qualified to vote. Ongoing membership is subject to payment of initial and annual membership dues.

b) Honorary membership

Individuals who have provided material or spiritual support to the development of disciplines involved in lung cancer, or individuals who have made great achievements in national and international lung cancer research, or individuals who have served the medical profession for long years, and who are also qualified to become regular members, may become honorary members to our Association. Membership dues are optional for honorary members. Honorary members are not qualified to vote.
To become a member;

No one shall be forced to become a member and sustain membership. Every member holds the right to resign on his will. Every member has a single vote right at the General Assembly except for honorary members. Members have equal rights.

For Regular Membership;
Individuals who meet the regular membership criteria will complete a membership form and write a petition to apply to either central or branch office administrative committee based on their place of residence. Additional required documents include an official letter identifying occupational status, one professional resume/biography and letters of recommendation from two regular members. The central administrative committee will respond to the application within 30 days. For application to branch offices, the branch administrative committee will forward the application to (central) administrative committee adding its comments.

The central administrative committee will make a decision and respond to the branch administrative committee within thirty days.

The candidate will become a regular Association member after the membership decision has been notified and initial membership due has been paid.

For Honorary Membership;
Individuals who meet the honorary membership criteria may be accepted as honorary members after being approved by the (central) general assembly upon recommendation by majority of the votes of the central administrative committee or unanimous votes of the branch administrative committee. Place of residence requirement does not apply to honorary membership.

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