Requirements for the Grant

Requirements for the International TAKD Grant
To be a current TAKD member.
1.    Specialty in pulmonology, thoracic surgery, medical oncology or radiation oncology or in subspecialties such as radiology, pathology, etc..
2.    To be the permanent staff of a university or training hospital.
3.    To be younger than 40 years.
4.    To provide reference letters from two TAKD members who are not working in the same organization or from the chief of department.
5.    An official letter of invitation from the organization abroad.
6.    Certificate of competency in foreign languages. (ÜDS, KPDS,TOEFL)
7.    A letter of permit from the current working place.
8.    To conduct studies on lung cancer, and to document and report the results to the administrative board.
9.    One individual may receive the grant only once.
10.    The grant will cover the flight ticket and accomodation.
11.    An application letter, resume, publications, and the documents listed in articles 5, 6, 7, and 8 are required.
12.    The administrative board will decide on the amount and how many times a year the grant will be provided based on the Association’s budget.

Application criteria for research project support:

1-    The principal investigator must be a TAKD member.
2-    The research project must be in the field of thoracic oncology.
3-    The research must be conducted in Turkey and licensed from the relevant authorities.
4-    The research design must be appropriate
5-    Consent from the Ethics Committee is required.
6-    Applications to the head-office are made by mail. The application file must be sent in five copies.

Approval of research grant:
Applications made to the head-office are accepted by the secretary general and numbers are allocated. The allocated number is in the year/term/number format. The applications are forwarded to the Research Project Committee (RPC) members within 7 days.

Composition, term of office and functions of the Research Project Committee:
The committee members are appointed by the administrative board from Association members who are not in the administration board. The RPC consists of one chair and 4 members. The committee consists of representatives from pulmonology, thoracic surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology and another specialty representing the subspecialties. The term of office expires at the same time as the term of the appointing administrative committee.

The members may be reelected to the same positions. If a member resigns, the administrative committee may appoint a new member who meets the criteria. Help from experts may be obtained to review the research project. If necessary, a revision or correction of the research project may be requested.

The RPC will meet at a designated location to review and decide on the research project application. Decisions are taken by majority of votes. The committee will report their decisions with regard to the research project to the administrative committee in written form. The administrative committee has the final decision on the project. The principal investigator is informed on the final decision with a letter signed by the President and secretary general of the Association.

Monitoring of the project:
The progress of the research project funded by the Association is monitored using semiannual interim reports submitted to the secretary general and the RPC. If the project is not progressing according to the initial protocol, the RPC may recommend termination of the support to the TAKD administrative committee. The RPC may also extend the support of the research project by six months. If the research grant is discontinued, the investigator is required to return any medical equipment and supplies provided.

Ownership of non-financial support provided:
TAKD maintains the ownership of any medical equipment and supplies provided for the research project. These equipment and supplies will be returned to the TAKD head-office at the completion of the research project.

* The research project may also receive financial support from other organizations.
** The administrative committee will review whether the research grant is being spend appropriately.
*** The investigator is required to present the study results at the annual TAKD congress.
The TAKD project number must be specified when the research is published.


I.    Project title in Turkish and English
II.    Project summary in Turkish and English
III.    Objective and Scope
IV.    Materials and Methods
V.    Budget
VI.    Estimated Benefits and Outcomes
VII.    References
VIII.    An agreement between the organization where the study will be conducted and the Association


Title of the project:
Name of the principal investigator:

Project no:

Starting date:

Completion date:

Date of report:


I.    Title of the project in Turkish and English
II.    Summary of the project in Turkish and English
III.    Objective and Scope
IV.    Materials and Methods
V.    Analysis and Results
VI.    Conclusion and Recommendations
VII.    References
VIII.    Attachments

a) Financial statement and explanations
b) Presentations (scientific presentations and technical reports)
c) Publications (refereed scientific journals) and dissertations (If the research project is published or presented at a later date, TAKD needs to be informed)

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